Alessio Zanelli

When The Time Comes poem
Sunset from Val di Funes, South Tyrol, Italy

When The Time Comes

When I have ceased to watch the sun
go down and roll on the spine of the world,
plunge into the heap of our once passionate hours;

when you have no more silent tears to shed,
no more sere remembrances to cherish,
no more private regrets to let die;

when the time comes
for you to open wide
your sea-born eyes—

you’ll see me run atop the loftiest giants,
on towering cumulonimbuses adrift in the blue
swollen with our long-exhausted dreams.

Up there I’ll be running alone forever,
no longer on dusty roads crowded with moody ghosts
nor in the assuaging solitude the rain is used to engendering.

No longer in the wake of infeasible desires.
Simply running on high nonstop far and wide.
Above your present but under your future eyes.

When the time comes—
I’ll be eternally unseizable,
I’ll be fast and graceful.

At last an absolute runner.

First published in Focus (UK)