Totem Pole in Monument Valley, Arizona, USA

           Dineh Ritual Of Recall


             Slit-eyed chief He-Who-Drinks-From-Source

             Subduedly tunes up the antique lament. At once

             The Long Walk revives. Dancing spirits of smoke

             Exhale from fires spread across the venue.


             Sort of a privileged intruder—now I too can

             Perceive the raped earth’s wail. Vacant-looking

             Faces transmit memories and deliver places’

             Quiddity. Being native slithers into me.


             Sand smoothes as thin black tongues pass over

             Against purple-blue beyond the Agathla. Buttes

             Majestically release their silence from afar. Puffs

             Make scattered rabbit bushes seem alive.


             Hospitality serves sacrality. Celebrated homeland

             Thanks by cuddling powwowed dusk. Valley’s

             Rocks exude reconciliation throughout. Three

             Hundred miles away ghosts exit Bosque Redondo.



               First published in The World Healing Book (Iceland)